Batman Tactical Backpack On Sale

by Chris Foti
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Batman has his armory of special gear for his war on crime, so why shouldn’t you have something special too to hold your personal belongings?  is currently running a limited time special offer on a Batman Tactical Backpack for your personal or leisure needs.

“Strong and durable, the Batman Tactical Backpack makes a great alternative to a utility belt, capable of holding a number of gadgets.  Proudly, displaying an iconic shiny bat logo on its front, with bicast leather & polyester siding.  The front-release metal buckles provide extra support to the design.  Multiple pockets and compartments ensure that this Dark Knight backpack makes a useful superhero knapsack for carrying books, school supplies, and other odds and ends.  It even features a separate, padded laptop pocket, offering a convenient way to transport your electronics.  Padded shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit comfortably.”

The backpack is 17.5” tall, 11” wide, and 8.5” deep and is made from Polyester and PU.  For the laptop pocket, it can fit up to a 15” notebook computer (the pocket is padded and lined with velboa).

Normally this backpack would run for $90, but during this special offer it is only $69.99, and there’s only 100 available!

Fans looking to add a little more Batman to their sleepovers or for holding their school supplies can order theirs here.

Also currently on sale is a Wonder Woman inspired handbag and Wonder Woman pom keychain.

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