DKN Visits MeggaXP’s Blood Bash 2017

by Eric Joseph
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This past weekend, I made my triumphant return to Jackson, Michigan on behalf of DKN to check out MeggaXP’s Blood Bash. As you may remember, we visited their flagship show – MeggaXP, obviously – last September and had an amazing time. And while this offshoot catered more toward the horror genre as opposed to, say, the comic book and video slant offered by its sister in the fall, I knew in my bones that it was not to be missed. Suffice it to say, James Seagraves and company did not disappoint.

Since 2012, I have attended my share of cons, to say the least, but never had the chance to venture to one of the horror variety. Sure, I love films and video games of that genre (I consider Silent Hill to be my home away from home), but for whatever reason, nothing ever materialized for me until recently. But, then again, a huge part of my career is rooted in dealing with superheroes, so that’s probably part of the problem.

Although Blood Bash didn’t take over several floors of the Commonwealth Commerce Center as MeggaXP did in the fall, the showroom it occupied didn’t make my experience any less fun. Not only did I get to catch up with several good friends, I met some cool new peeps as well.

Before proceeding any further, I would just like to extend my thanks to the fine folks at Kreatures of the Night for doing a most amazing job when it came to airbrush face painting that allowed me to masquerade as Ghost’s Papa Emeritus III for a day.

– Cosplayers in the Wild

As usual, the cosplayers were out in full force and, despite the horror theme, DC was well represented. Below you will find some choice images of not only some of our favorite comic book characters, but also a few of the ghoulish persuasion.

– My Bloody Valentine

After con hours concluded, the festivities continued with the “My Bloody Valentine” dinner and dance. Featuring live performances by local rockers Lords of October, contests selecting the best cosplayers and scream queen were held during intermission. I tip my nonexistent hat to all who entered and appreciated being able to serve as an honorable mention in the scream queen competition. In short, I channeled the spirit of Dani Filth and blew out some eardrums.

Should you be interested in attending MeggaXP 3 on September 23, be sure to frequent their official website for updates. Needless to say, I’ll be there and, quite possibly, square.

Photos taken by Alexander Leo Carr

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