Preview: Batman Beyond #3

by Tyler Harris
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Batman Beyond #3 | “Escaping the Grave: Revelations,” Part 3


Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Bernard Chang


Available: 12.28.2016



Batman wades through the Jokerz gang and finally squares off against Terminal, their would-be ruler. But how much does he have left to take on this deadliest of foes? And finally, the moment his followers have been waiting for—the comatose Joker awakens!

This coming issue of Batman Beyond promises to be a good one. I have been enjoying Jurgens work on the series so far along with the amazing art work from Chang. Between this issue and the next, all of the build-up for the arc so far will (hopefully) be paid off and quite honestly I don’t know what to expect. Below you can check out a preview of the first five pages of this issue, as well as the slick variant cover by Dustin Nguyen.



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