Comedien Leslie Jones Tweets Her ‘Suicide Squad’ Opinion

If you enjoy a celebrity’s take on pop culture, Leslie Jones (known for 2016’s Ghostbusters) is your lady. After popping in the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad (including fourteen additional minutes of bad guys doing good) Leslie posted a few of her thoughts on the film.

The actress tweets quite a bit regarding everything she views, so it’s no surprise she’d let the Internet know what she thought of the DCCU film. It would seem that Ms. Jones enjoyed what the film attempted to accomplish. Her views would appear to be shared by the majority of the world as the August release brought in $745 million worldwide, $325 million domestic. As fans, it’s always cool to see celebrities enjoying what we enjoy too, especially when they ask questions we can help them with. Hopefully, Leslie will appreciate Wonder Woman next year, and tell us what she thinks of it too.


Suicide Squad Extended Cut is currently out on Blu-ray and DVD.