Review: ‘Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77’ #1

by Ryan Lower
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Writers: Jeff Parker & Marc Andreyko

Artist: David Hahn





Batman and Robin are on a mission. It seems Catwoman has teamed up with Talia al Ghul to steal a rare, highly-priced book. Incidentally, the book is so important that Catwoman couldn’t even see the double-cross coming from her villainous teammate. Back in the Batcave, Batman starts to remember a night 20 years earlier that involved chaos surrounding that same book. The night included Nazis, Ra’s al Ghul, and Wonder Woman.

Holy combination! Batman 1966 and Wonder Woman 1977. What a concept! Based on the idea alone, this comic was already at least going to be fun. So how does chapter 1 serve fans of one, or both, of the series? Perfect. The issue is just 10 pages, but I think that’s a perfect amount. We get a good setup with the stolen book, enter Batman, a mystery, a flashback, and a sort of exciting cliffhanger for the next issue. Jeff Parker and Marc Andreyko have planted some stellar seeds that should blossom into a fun story, and I’m looking forward to it.


Variant Cover by Alex Ross

As for the art, stellar! It seems to be following the style of the 1966 comic book series, and I dig that. David Hahn has done a great job following the styles of both the Batman ’66 and Wonder Woman ’77 series, while also bringing in a few new settings and characters that fit the world perfectly.

A favorite part of mine: Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. I think she almost gets the least amount of exposure when fans reminisce on the Batman series, so it was great to see her get her dues.

Overall, a fun, quick start to a series that should be putting a smile on anyone’s face. If you’re a fan of the old series (either one), this is a great pick up.


Images courtersy of DC Entertainment

The first chapter is now available for download via the DC Comics App,, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus

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