McDonalds to Release ‘Justice League Action’ Toys with Happy Meals

You might know that Justice League Action, Cartoon Network’s latest DC animated series, is set to premiere this Fall, some time in early October.  The show will run at a brief 11 minutes per episode, and will include characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and a few lesser known J.L. members.  Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil are set to reprise their roles as Batman and the Joker.

This Fall, McDonalds will release a Justice League Action line of toys to be included with Happy Meals.  The toy line, which should be available by September 20, 2016, will comprise a total of 8 items, including Batman action figure, Superman action figure, Green Arrow action figure, Hawkman action figure, Plastic Man action figure, Batman mask, Green Arrow mask, and Hawkman mask.

Furthermore, you can expect a line of DC Super Hero Girls toys to be released via Happy Meals some time in the future.