Review: Suicide Squad: Dream Team #3

by Philip Clark
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Writer: Nicole Maines
Artists: Eddy Barrows, Jose Luis, Eber Ferreira and Adriano Di Bendetto
Color Artist: Adriano Lucas
Letterer: Becca Carey
Review by Philip Clark

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #3 hits the shelves this week, leaving off where the last issue left us in its clutches. Dreamer’s gone AWOL after a vision of Waller’s plans left her wondering who the good guys truly are.

With an extreme group of racists knocking on the doors of Parthas, Dreamer’s home city of alien residents, and the rest of the team tasked with bringing her back in; a lot happens in this issue.

A Dreamer’s Dream

With Waller up to her usual antics, the Dream Team’s in somewhat of a quandary, with a complete clash of moralities. The only thing they can all agree on is that they like their heads on their shoulders. Receiving their orders, they head into Parthas to bring in their missing comrade-in-arms.

Dreamer, on the other hand, is ready to do anything she can to protect her home and her people. The conflict of beliefs between the two groups makes for interesting reading because, while Deadeye and Harley can understand Dreamer’s point of view, they’ve also come to terms that Waller just can’t be beaten.

Clock King, Bizarro, and Black Alice will do whatever Waller tells them; for their own reasons of course. Will this rift tear the team apart, or can the need for survival keep them together?

A Well Rounded Team

Maines is doing a brilliant job writing this series, keeping us on edge with what Amanda Waller’s plans truly are, as well as giving us plenty of emotional depth from the main character. The dichotomy of the pair adds to the overall feel of this run so far. Conflicting emotions, ideals, and beliefs are what seem to be driving the characters and their development.

I think the art team did an excellent job on this issue and would go as far as to say it’s been my favorite so far. The contrast of the brighter colors being used for the team, compared to the bleaker background pieces, helps them stand out on the page. This was definitely the best all-round issue of the series so far. The team seems to really be growing in confidence, and complimenting each other’s abilities wonderfully.


The story is growing, the tensions everywhere are rising. Something’s coming, Maines is doing a great job at leaving us clue crumbs in each issue.

This series is getting stronger and stronger, with Suicide Squad: Dream Team #3 as the best of the bunch, so far. I’m looking forward to catching the next issue and seeing what else Nicole (Dreamer) Maines has in store for us!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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