‘Suicide Squad’ Invade ‘Injustice’

Momentum for Suicide Squad just keeps building.

Available now in the iTunes store and Google Play is an update to the mobile game Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this new update, you can play as a few members of the Suicide Squad: Deadshot, Harley Quinn and two versions of the Joker.

Here’s Apple’s description:

Introducing some very bad people, who can do some good. Play as Suicide Squad Deadshot, a brand new character in Injustice with unique fighting moves, and all new Special Moves. He is joined by Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and two new versions of The Joker from the Suicide Squad Movie – Suicide Squad The Joker, and Suicide Squad The Joker Unhinged. The Suicide Squad Joker Unhinged will be available in an all new Multiplayer season. All other characters will have distinct Challenges and be available for purchase in the store!

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

It will feel so good to be bad.

Suicide Squad hits theaters beginning August 5.


Ryan Lower

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