Review Roundup: The Legend of Wonder Woman #7 & Art Ops #9

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legend of wonder woman 7

The Legend of Wonder Woman #7

Writer: Renae De Liz

Artists: Renae De Liz, Ray Dillon

Taking place in 1944 Paris, the latest issue of The Legend of Wonder Woman has a very Golden Age feel to it, which is appropriate given the perfectly captured time period. From her classic looking costume to her beating up Nazis, you really get the sense that Wonder Woman is such a great fit for that era, almost as much as Captain America.

Renae De Liz continues to craft dialogue that flows well between characters, especially during scenes shared by Diana and Etta Candy. With the assistance of Ray Dillon, the artwork is terrific as always; the action scenes are expertly staged from panel to panel, making for great visual storytelling begging to be made into a motion comic.

Remaining firmly rooted in Greek tradition, Diana encounters her antithesis in the form of the Duke of Deception, whom I found to be somewhat Loki-like. Despite her efforts to lead a normal life, I expect their paths to converge in a most violent way before long. But the real highlight may lie in affirming her compassion and conviction, as we are reminded of why she endures as one of the greatest superheroes.


art ops 9

Art Ops #9

Writer: Shaun Simon

Artist: Matt Brundage

Sporting a varied cast of characters, Art Ops #9 is one of the most off-the-wall and imaginative titles you will find on shelves this week. Seriously, this book is wacky even for a Vertigo title and I’m saying that as a compliment. Did you pick up any other comics lately that included a pregnant Mona Lisa? I didn’t think so.

Although I’ve received this title for review quite sporadically, I can’t help but compliment the wild imagination of Shaun Simon and the Eisner Award worthy art of Matt Brundage. Perhaps I’ll have to check out the collected editions at some point. If you’ve been reading this from the start, I see no reason to stop.


Also available from Vertigo this week: Suiciders: Kings of HelL.A. #4.

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