Review: Adventures of Supergirl #3

by Eric Joseph
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adventures of supergirl 3a

Writer: Sterling Gates

Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino

The latest issue of Supergirl’s tie-in comic offers a lot to make you smile, yet doesn’t feel like the most essential of reads. Sterling Gates continues to retain what we love about the show while creating a separate beast, but as much as it pains me to say this, you could probably skip this one. Seeing as how I haven’t kept up with the digital run, I could be wrong. That’s just the impression I got.

Carrying over from the previous issue, Vril Dox finds himself in a DEO cell and is questioned by Supergirl. The Clarice Starling-Hannibal Lecter parallel isn’t lost on Gates and the book outright states that. Just know that if you’re expecting Multiple Miggs to alert Kara that he bit his wrist from the adjacent cell, you won’t get it.

Soon after Dox hints at someone more powerful and sinister behind the scenes, Kara gets drawn into a nightmare that dominates most of the issue. Proving herself to be quite the Dream Warrior, she powers through all obstacles in her way. The naptime adventure does, however, seem a bit too frantic and makes for somewhat of a disjointed read. On the plus side, Emanuela Lupacchino juggles the insanity well with beautiful renderings as she becomes the latest artist to leave her mark on the series.

The dreams get pretty fantastical and give some nice nods to various eras of Supergirl. I must admit that I liked seeing Red Lantern Kara’s cameo. You will find out who is behind the madness, which I won’t spoil, but do know this isn’t the big picture villain hinted at earlier, although we get the first drop of their name: Facet.

Although we learned some new information, this really did feel like a filler issue and that’s something you shouldn’t see this early in a series. Still, you probably won’t mind the many Easter Eggs or yet another awesome cover by Cat Staggs.


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