Review: Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #1

by Eric Joseph
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Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Frank Tieri

Artist: Mauricet

If you love Harley Quinn, you have yet another comic to add to your pull list this week, as she brings her Gang of Harleys to this new six-issue mini-series. Fans of her solo title will feel right at home because this book contains dialogue and humor consistent with what we have come to love. That’s largely due to the fact that Jimmy Palmiotti is co-writing, only this time he’s brought along Frank Tieri instead of Amanda Conner. Rest assured these two fellas have maintained a good quality control.

As for the visuals, Mauricet’s art is consistent with the precedent set by John Timms and Chad Hardin in the solo series, yet has its own identity. He brings nuanced details to certain panels and I love the way he draws Harley. This book is certainly in capable hands.

Some of you may be wondering exactly what the Gang of Harleys happens to be. Not long ago, Harley herself held a screening process looking for a group of folks with a little can-do attitude to help her fight crime and accomplish other tasks. While it makes for some merry mayhem, what I dig about this concept is that it contributes to the evolution of the character. In a matter of years, Harley has gone from being the Joker’s henchgirl, to her own woman, and now has taken on the role of a leader. Anyone who refuses to read books such as these because they can’t get past her hair color or costume changes is really missing the point in addition to not partaking in some truly great comics.

Palmiotti and Tieri wisely enlighten new readers to the concept of the Gang in the first few pages, just in case they haven’t read the solo book – and shame on you if you haven’t. Each member has a distinctive look and personality, all of which are briefly detailed. Simple Harley clones these are not.

My favorite part has to be the skirmish between the Gang and the Hipster Mafia after we get our roll call. It’s absolutely hilarious and Harley and her pals say what we’re all thinking – or at least me, anyway. It may be for the best I don’t elaborate, lest an army of hipsters wage war on me.

Soon after, Harley finds herself kidnapped. This truth of it is rather obvious, although I won’t spoil it. Said events do, however, lead to something far more serious and sinister. A new villain is introduced and hopefully readers see it as a good enough hook to stay on board.

Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys¬†actually does make for a welcome addition to the extended Batman family of titles. In case you couldn’t tell, this carries a high recommendation. Don’t wait for the trade.

The important thing to remember is this: Everybody poops, even Harley Quinn.


DC Entertainment has kindly provided images from this issue. Check out the slideshow above.


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