Kevin Conroy Believed in Batfleck

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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For me, Kevin Conroy is the one true Batman. That is not a typo. I did not leave out any words. I honestly believe that there is no person, live-action or otherwise, to ever come close to Conroy’s portrayal of the Bats in the DC Animated Universe and Arkham games. However, nowadays, people are praising Batfleck for having the best interpretation of Batman yet and I’m in agreement, for the most part.

When Ben Affleck’s casting was announced, it’d be an understatement to say that people were unhappy. Fan all over the world were upset with the casting, afraid that he may bring forth another flop similar to his stint as Daredevil. However, as more and more footage has been released, the cries of anguish started to subside. It seems like he’s giving us the most comic book-accurate version of Bats yet.

So how do these two relate? Well, your piece of non-news for today features our beloved Kevin Conroy commenting on Batfleck. A few days ago, a fan took to Twitter and asked the Great One of his opinion on the new trailer.

A small vote of confidence from a very large persona. 

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