Greg Capullo’s New Batsuit Has Been Approved

by craig storrie
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Even though we have already had not one, but two new Batman suits of late, it looks like we will be getting another with the return of Bruce Wayne!

As reported by Adam here, Batman artist Greg Capullo said on Twitter, a few days ago, that his new design was his “best idea” yet and that claim was immediately supported by current Batman writer Scott Snyder who called it “pretty terrific.”

Ever since Jim Gordon debuted as Batman back in last year’s Free Comic Book day one-shot Divergence, he has worn two separate outfits. One is a jet black Batsuit with a yellow outlined bat on the chest that Jim uses when dealing with street level detective work, while the other is the more famous mecha Batsuit that Gordon brings out when he needs the big guns. Although many of you have had mixed reactions to Gordon being the Batman, the idea was always to bring Bruce back to the cowl by issue # 50 and what better time to have a new Batsuit than with the return of the original Dark Knight?

Well, Batman artist Greg Capullo’s latest iteration of the Batsuit looks to have been approved. He once again took to Twitter to confirm that DC have accepted his new design and sounds very happy about it.


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