Snyder & Capullo Talk Batman #47 Spoilers & the Future of Batman

by Nat Brehmer
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When talking with Newsarama, Batman scribe Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo went into great detail regarding both the shocking end of Batman #47 and the future of the book. Naturally, there are spoilers for Batman #47 ahead.

The first thing they explained was that shocking, character-focused ending, which saw Bruce still devoid of memory, joined on a park bench by the Joker who is now revealed to be an amnesiac as well. This is such an interesting thing for these characters because some of the biggest Batman stories ever have shown them as being two people defined by their experiences and their past tragedies. The question of “Who is Batman without the Joker?” has been done to death. “Who are they without themselves?” is much more interesting and fertile at this point, and should be exciting for fans.

“So this conversation coming between these two characters is at the core of the arc,” says Snyder. “Joker has always represented meaninglessness, to me. Our version of him, that’s what’s scary about him. He’s like, I am nothingness. I am the answer to you thinking what you do matters in the world.”

Capullo then addressed the rumors that he would be leaving Batman and this run for good when he makes his leave in a few issues.

“Where do we go from there? Well, there’s the million-dollar question,” says Capullo. “But there’s nothing saying that we’re not going to come back and give the fans more Batman. Obviously, if the fans are supportive and like what we’re doing on the book, and they beg us all the time, you know, “Give us a hundred issues!” There’s no saying that we won’t do that.”

It sounds pretty promising that their Batman will continue in some form or another. I’d certainly like to see what else they can do and, as a fan, would love to see them be the ones to depict Bruce’s eventual return to the cowl.

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