Vertigo Roundup: Art Ops #2


Those who faithfully visit Dark Knight News are aware that while our main focus is on Batman, we do report on other DC/ Vertigo happenings under the umbrella of “Beyond The Bat.” Seeing as how more Vertigo titles will be reviewed in the future, I’ve decided to introduce our Vertigo Roundup!

Some Vertigo titles will still get the full review treatment, but I wanted to implement a spot where Vertigo fans could go on our site to take in some shorter reviews of titles from that imprint. Sure, only one title is part of the inaugural roundup, but we have to start somewhere.


Writer: Shaun Simon

Artists: Michael Allred, Matt Brundage

Those looking for an interesting, mature new title to sample need look no further than Art Ops. This well-spun yarn is an entertaining mashup of the spy and science fiction genres, as well as art and punk rock culture.  Thanks to images booming with personality by way of Allred and Brundage, art truly comes to life in more ways than one. I wouldn’t doubt if this one day joins the likes of iZombie and Lucifer when it comes to Vertigo titles to get the live action treatment on the small screen – or even the big one.



Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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