‘Arkham Origins’ Devs, WB Games Montreal, Developing Two DC Comics Games

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With two incredibly stellar entries into a franchise dubbed, at one point, the most critically-acclaimed superhero games of all time, you can probably imagine that there was a ton of pressure on WB Games Montreal to deliver a good product. Rocksteady laid the foundation to possibly the best Batman games ever, so I’m sure there was a lot of apprehension for this relatively new studio to bring something up-to-par with the previous games.

Arkham Origins came out around Halloween in 2013 and somewhat delivered. It was a game built using the Arkham City engine and it was, for the most part, everything you loved about Arkham City, however the general consensus found that it did not build upon or add anything to the gameplay. There were also a few bugs and glitches that were considered game-breaking, however, I believe the PC port of Arkham Knight has overshadowed that controversy at this point.

For some time now, WB Games Montreal has been recruiting heavily, but for what titles, of course, they would not tell. The news here is that WB Games Montreal has finally announced that they are recruiting vigorously for two DC Comics games.


The texts reads that they have “two AAA projects in development focused on expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space.” For those of you not hip to the lingo, a AAA project in the gaming industry is a big budget project similar to tentpole features in the movie industry. So, that means 2 big projects in the DC universe.

One immediately thinks that they are working on another Arkham game as WB Interactive has not counted out the possibility of a continuing Batman franchise of games, but considering the words used, “expanding the DC universe,” I’d say that they’re finally working on different heroes. I’m assuming that they’re likely working on game counterparts to the movies in the DC Extended Universe, DC’s upcoming movie universe.

Personally, I’m hoping for a game similar to the complexity of the Arkham franchise, but with different characters. It would be a good thing for them to branch out to different characters because they’d no longer have to work under the constraints of high expectations from previous games and have a chance to start their own franchise.

If you’re a game developer, take a look at their recruitment video:

There’s a relatively strong emphasis on DC. What do you think they’re working on? Let me know

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