‘Gotham’: Barbara Greets Gordon with a Most Unsavory Phone Call

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Barbara greets Gordon and his girlfriend, Leslie, with a most unsavory phone call in this 2-minute preview clip from the upcoming new season of Gotham of Fox.  If you’re up to date on the show, then you know this crazy lady shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a phone… or any sharp objects… or society.  Yet, mysteriously, she’s gained access to a telephone, and has decided to give her old heartthrob a ring, just to check in…

Gotham Season 2 premieres on FOX, Monday September 21, 2015 @ 8/7c.  Some old flames just don’t let go, do they?  Let’s see what happens with this one in a few weeks.

gotham barbara on the phone

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

gotham lol hello


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