First ‘Gotham’ Season 2 Clip Features Jerome & Barbara (Joker & Harley?)

Gotham season 2

After weeks of teasers and promo trailers, we finally get our first full clip from Gotham season 2 and it’s a doozy. It features the amazing Cameron Monaghan as Jerome and Erin Richards as Barbara (keep your eyes peeled for a returning Richard Sionis). The interaction between the two characters is quite intriguing and it feels like it may be the rocky start to a beautiful friendship.

Now, we know that showrunner Bruno Heller has teased that the man who would be Joker is currently in Arkham Asylum and is coy as to whether or not that is actually Jerome. It was also teased that Harley Quinn could show up in season 2. Are you following me?

What I’m getting it is this: what if this is the first meeting between Gotham’s unique versions of The Joker and Harley Quinn? And why not? Not everything has to be a carbon copy of the comic books. I was and always will be a strong advocate of Smallville, a show that honored Superman’s rich history yet carved its own niche. Perhaps Gotham is taking bold leaps in the right direction. I’ve gone from passively awaiting its second season to counting down the weeks.

Check out the clip and form your own hypothesis.

Gotham premieres September 21 on Fox.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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