David Ayer Releases Photo of Deadshot in Full Costume from ‘Suicide Squad’

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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David Ayer is the gift that just keeps on giving. As I’m still reeling over the last photo he released of the cast of Suicide Squad, Ayer wastes little time and releases the first photo of the full Deadshot costume. This just two hours after the last photo. It’s almost too much for one day… almost.

The costume is pretty cool. The mask, however, I’m less enthused about. I don’t hate it at all, I’m just not completely sold on it quite yet. The features of the mask make it look like it’s a ski mask, complete with stitching, but the material seems far tougher than any fabric. No, it looks more like hardened leather? Possibly something more firm.

What do you think?

Source – David Ayer’s Twitter

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