Fox Releases New Promo Photos for ‘Gotham’ S1E19, ‘Beasts of Prey’

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Last time on Gotham, Fish Mooney met the fearsome Dr. Dulmacher and Gordon discovers the Commissioner’s deep dark secret, which he then proceeds to use it against him. Also, we got to see an elderly couple duke it out.

Well, the next episode is about 8 days away. We saw the trailer a few days ago, but now we’ve got some promo pictures from the next episode, entitled, “Beasts of Prey.” Seems dangerously similar to another superhero group rooted in the Batman family. I’m sure that was intentional.

The pictures themselves do little for me. It’s the captions in a couple of the shots that help to reveal some interesting stuff for this episode.

Some poor judgment was being used when choosing some of these photos. I can’t imagine that anyone would find Bullock sitting at his desk interesting. Maybe above him, there’s a vampire hanging upside down and he’s trying to signal Gordon? That would be awesome.

Regardless, the photo of Fish smiling has a caption that reveals that she did in fact escape the Dollmaker, which is a bit of a spoiler considering the synopsis for the episode simply said that she was plotting her escape. I’m skeptical, however, because I can’t imagine Fish would be able to outwit Dollmaker so… quickly. If Dollmaker is to become a very formidable villain, it would be a bad choice for Fish to escape that easily.

In the photo of Selina and Bruce standing side by side, we immediately notice that the lovebirds have reconciled and are presumably on a date, watching a slug dry up after pouring salt on it… or whatever teenagers do nowadays. Considering the synopsis for the episode, however, it seems that they are confronting Reggie. Not a bad second date, huh? Alfred’s old buddy who stabbed him in the gut and sold them out. I wonder if these two teenagers will be able to successfully interrogate a man trained by the English military.

What do you think?

Source – ComingSoon

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