Jim Carrey Wants to Work with Christopher Nolan, Open to a Batman Movie

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Jim Carrey is probably one of my favorite actors around. Sure, he’s had some ups and downs in his career, but the guy is talented and seems to really enjoy life.  It’s oftentimes very refreshing just to see him go off on a tangent in his interviews, because you know it’s all real. And if you want to keep your sanity, don’t look at his Twitter feed. He’s a great actor and he often carefully picks his roles. His turn as the Riddler in Batman Forever is certainly memorable. Some folks remember despising him for just being him, others, like myself, love it. I personally enjoyed his turn as the Riddler mostly because he turned on his familiar mania, but twisted it a bit to allow for more sinister intent than what he is generally known.

But would you want him to reprise his role as the Riddler? MTV UK decided to ask him that very question during an interview to promote his latest effort, Dumb and Dumber To.

Jim Carrey is definitely open to the idea of playing in another Batman movie, but he seems a little clueless as to who is actually working on them at the moment. Though he didn’t rule out the possibility of ever playing another Batman character, he seemed mostly focused on the possibility of working with Christopher Nolan. Carrey goes on to explain how he’d love to work with Nolan and how he almost did get that chance. Does he know something we don’t or is he seriously misinformed? I personally think the latter. Carrey may be a bit preoccupied with working (and being crazy), so he probably hasn’t read anything on the new Batman movies in the past 2 years. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he was referring to Nolan as a producer of the new Batman movies, which almost happened.

Either way, it would be fun to imagine Carrey getting another bite at the Bats. He’s a much different actor now than he was in 1995, so I would be interested to see it.

Here’s the video:

Source – MTV UK YouTube

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