Joker Steps out of the Shadows in Batman #37: Endgame

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Scott Snyder’s latest writing, the Batman: Endgame storyline for DC’s New 52, pits the Dark Knight against the entire Justice League, but the story’s culmination will feature an ultimate confrontation between Batman and the Joker, whom has been essentially invisible since his exhibition in Death of the Family.

Snyder, most likely paraphrasing the Joker, told HitFix:

Basically, Joker comes and says, ‘You know, for a long time, Batman, you and I have played this game together where we circle each other like cat and mouse, but I’m tired of it, and you’ve become boring to me. So now I’m just gonna end everything and destroy everyone.’

The destruction of everything and everyone sounds like something the Joker would attempt to initiate with precision, accuracy, and a smile on his face, but hopefully Batman will be able to overcome that which the Clown Prince of Crime has up his sleeve.

EndGame1_2_large endgame

Is Joker planning a sadistic, psychotic endgame for Batman?  We’ll have to find out soon, when Batman #37 hits shelves and digital downloads on Wednesday December 10, 2014.

For now, we can view Greg Capullo’s spooky art, which showcases a Joker that sports a brand new face — no longer wearing the flesh mask from Death of the Family:

BM_Cv37_large endgame

Joker never seems to brush his teeth… (Photo Credit: DC Entertainment, HitFix)

…and Andy Kubert’s variant cover:

BM_Cv37_1_25_var_large endgame

(Photo Credit: DC Entertainment, HitFix)

Although we cannot hope that Joker will brush his teeth much at all during his lifetime, we can hope that Endgame provides the fans with a riveting showdown between Bat and Clown.

Source: HitFix


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