Ryan Gosling In Talks For Suicide Squad Film

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As we, (the internet) learned yesterday, the mighty Brothers d’Warner (aka Warner Brothers) officially announced their entire plan for the new DC Cinematic Universe through the year 2020. We got a couple Justice League films, Cyborg, another Green Lantern, the Shazam film in 2019, and many other amazing films you can check out here. This is all very exciting for us fans, especially Bat Fans, as we’re set to get an extra Gotham-y film to go along with the massively anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice flick in 2016.  I’m talking about Suicide Squad, a movie that will be focusing on the infamous team of super villains coerced into doing the government’s dirty work to save the world as they’ve done on the pages of DC comics for about 5 decades.


For those who are unfamiliar, the members of the Suicide Squad have very often varied, but almost always feature at least one of Batman’s rogues, sometimes more. Rogues like James Gordon Jr, Harley Quinn, Joker’s Daughter, Deathstroke, and in every practically iteration, Deadshot. There’s also been a cornucopia of non-Gotham villains to make appearances, but the film’s roster and cast remain unknown at this time.GalleryComics_1900x900_20140416_SSQUAD_Cv30_531fb5046ad570.75373752

Or, at least mostly unknown.

The Hollywood Reporter is claiming in this article here, that Ryan Gosling is currently in talks with WB for a role in the movie. Yes, that Ryan Gosling. This makes sense as Suicide Squad‘s Writer and Director is David Ayer the man who directed End of Watch a film Gosling starred in two years ago. Who would Gosling even be playing? Deadshot perhaps? I personally feel that’s not a character at all out of Gosling’s reach to bring to life, as his performances in End of Watch and Drive can attest to, he’s clearly capable of playing more complex characters than those that appear in a Nicholas Sparks movie. drive-drive10_rgb

Obviously none of this is really set in stone and is purely industry rumour, but the fact that it’s appearing in The Hollywood Reporter lends it more credibility. The article also notes that Gosling is in talks with Marvel as well as a potential Doctor Strange as well as a Harry Houdini movie. It’s important to also remember that Suicide Squad is still in “early development” so anything could happen THR also tosses out the rumour that Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie are also being talked to, but none of them seem quite as likely to be attached to the project as Gosling is given his previous relationship with Suicide Squad‘s director. It’s also important to note that Gosling has been pretty negative when asked to do a movie that requires him to do any sequels, he passed on Green Lantern because that films contract would have locked him into any potential sequels, instead Ryan Reynolds got it and… well… we all saw that movie.


Stay tuned here at DKN to keep updated on Suicide Squad as well as the rest of the news from the wide world of The Dark Knight!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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