Jason Momoa Spotted in Michigan, Working Out in Same Place as Gal Gadot

Not quite sure when I became the keeper of Jason Momoa’s involvement in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it seems I’ve been following it pretty closely without even realizing it. Should I recap everything? I suppose it’s necessary for good journalism.

In December, we heard our first rumblings of a Jason Momoa role in BvS. A pretty reliable trade was saying that Momoa was up for an undisclosed role in BvS. In January, a month later, the Game of Thrones star denied any involvement with the flick, claiming that it was a rumor that was taken out of context based on an offhand remark about his desire to play a role in it. A week after that, a big rumor surfaced that that role was going to be Aquaman. Following that, all was quiet. Nobody was talking about Momoa or Aquaman anymore and it seemed that that rumor was finally allowed to die out… until June hit with huge news by Drew McSweeney of Hitfix confirming that Momoa had in fact signed to play the King of Atlantis. The few days later, more reputable sources followed suit.

DC nor WB has yet to confirm anything. Momoa himself has been dodgy about the subject when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and has been evasive about it at his multiple convention appearances throughout July.

However, the news over the past few days suggests it’s more likely to be true. Momoa is a avid Instagrammer and put up a couple pictures that reveal more than they should.

Notice the tag @biercamp? And the shirt that he’s sporting that also says Bier Camp? If you look that up, you’d find that Bier Camp is a sandwich and jerky shop located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Nice detective work, huh? Could be a coincidence? There’s more.

Gal Gadot, our lovely (and confirmed) Diana posted this photo to her Instagram.

The day after that, Momoa posted this:

Look familiar? Looks like these two have been working out in the same place. This doesn’t quite confirm his involvement, but I’d be shocked to find out that he wasn’t in the movie.

What do you think? Simple coincidence? Or undeniable proof?

Let me know.

Source – Jason Momoa’s Instagram, Gal Gadot’s Instagram (via Comicbookmovie)


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