New Lego Batman 3 Trailer released for San Diego Comic-Con

by Damian Fasciani
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The Lego Batman series has been a multi-million dollar box office sensation and strap yourself in DC fans because the third instalment is coming our way. Lego Batman 3 will hit the big screen and just in time for San Diego Comic-Con a brand new exciting trailer has been released. With what looks to be more action, more humour, and even more of an epic adventure, you simply shouldn’t miss this new exciting adventure.

If you think that Comic-Con is only about movies, TV shows, and comics then you are mistaken. The scope of what is now at the San Diego event is huge, and the gaming industry is one of the popular elements that has made its mark in the industry. The Lego video games have been a huge hit over the years, everything from Star Wars, to Batman, the list goes on. Sit back, and enjoy this new trailer that Warner Brothers have shared with us.




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