Community Spotlight: ArhyBES’ BATMETAL Video (NSFW)

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Since Christian Bale implemented the rough, organic, gravel-laden Bat-voice for the Dark Knight Trilogy, I’ve been excited to hear more of it.  This appreciation of such a voice may shock certain Batman fans who thought the Bat-growl was off-putting, or even comical, but a Metal-music connoisseur like me could not have been happier with Bale’s aggressive roar…

Apparently, there are other fans of the Bat-growl idea out there, such that one of them, a YouTube user named ArhyBES, has created a hugely humorous parody video that synchronizes his Batman animation with a Dethklok song.  As a Metal connoisseur, I appreciate the existence of Dethklok, since it provides an over-the-top, self-reflective, and satirical glance into the genre of Death Metal — a genre that seems prominent, but one that not too many people delve deeply into.

ArhyBES’ “BATMETAL” video synchronizes Batman’s lips and actions with the lyrical content and music of Dethklok’s “Face Fisted” track.  If you can stomach the initial wave of absurdity that washes over your brain after watching thirty seconds of the video, then you should continue, and you may very well end up having a great laugh.  “Face Fisted’s” simplistic lyrics and satirical value perfectly complement ArhyBES’ animation, which features Batman on vocals, Nightwing on guitar, Red Hood on bass, and Robin on drums.  The video also features cameos from Hulk, Joker, Riddler, Mad Hatter, and Superman.

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