DC All Access: Cast of ‘Gotham’ Speak on Their Characters

With the Gotham TV series premiering next season, it’s time for the hardcore marketing to start. Last week, some character posters were being fitted in revolving doors. It looks like this week we’re getting some cast interviews on their characters in another quick edition of DC All Access.

There was definitely focus on Bruce and Jim Gordon, as you would imagine. A lot of emphasis on how their relationship will be the foundation of the entire series. There’s an interesting tidbit about how Selina is going to be stalking Bruce for the majority of the series. By far, the most interesting thing that I heard is from the least likeliest character. Jada Pinkett Smith was interviewed about her character, Fish Mooney, which was a character created for the show. Initially, the character was reported as a “gangster boss and nightclub owner” as well as an employer to a young Oswald Cobblepot. On her character, Smith mentioned that the character has “a lot of influence on how all the characters came to be.” Check out the rest of the cast interviews above.


I suppose if they’re creating a new character for the show, that character should be a prominent one. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable knowing that this character created by a guy who doesn’t even like superheroes is going to have that much influence on all of our favorite characters. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Check out Gotham this fall on Fox.

Source – DC Entertainment YouTube


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