Jason Momoa Talks Aquaman With Jimmy Kimmel

I’ve been outspoken when it comes to sensationalism in journalism; it’s something I’m not a fan of. Rumors have been surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from the get-go and I’ve had a hard time believing anything. Some readers wondered why I was willing to credence to the recent news stating that Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman. That’s because when major trades like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter say something is true, it likely is. They’re respected industry news outlets that aren’t making up stuff to get hits.

Anyway, Momoa was a guest recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live (see the above video) and was asked about being cast as Aquaman. At first he calls it a rumor, but Jimmy is persistent and presents him with an article from Variety. After this, Momoa becomes a bit more dodgy concerning the subject. You know, like someone adhering to an NDA. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are major characters in the film and get press release treatment when they’re announced. Cyborg and Aquaman are cameo characters whom were probably meant to be surprises. If he weren’t Aquaman, he’d just say so. By now, you should know what it looks like when someone is keeping a secret.

Yeah, he’s Aquaman alright.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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