Rumor: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart DLC Achievements Leaked

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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A list of achievements for WB Montreal’s upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins DLC,  Cold, Cold Heart, has leaked online. 

Does anybody even remember that there’s supposed to be a DLC coming out for Arkham Origins anymore now that Rocksteady’s back? Or does anyone actually care? No, I’m just joshing you. I likely won’t be getting it as I’d be too busy saving my pennies up for Arkham Knight, but a Mr. Freeze origin DLC does sound incredibly intriguing. I’ll probably make do with watching the cutscenes on Youtube.

Apparently, a list of achievements recently leaked online revealing a few things about the DLC:


Based on the achievement descriptions, I can safely assume a few things:

  • You will be playing as Bruce Wayne at some point, maybe up until you retrieve your Extreme Environment suit.
  • You will be getting a new suit.
  • You will be collecting parts to create a “cryodrill” presumably to be used to save some civilians.
  • You have the option of gruesomely murdering a couple thugs with a stalactite.
  • Ferris Boyle, the animated series character responsible for Victor Fries’s incident, will appear.

I think that about covers everything. Let me know if you noticed something I missed in the comments below.

I’m citing Arkhamverse, however, after backtracking through their sources, I had trouble locating any of these achievements. Therefore, I’m going to put this one in the rumor column for now. Keep the salt handy in the meantime.

Source – Arkhamverse

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