Preview: Harley Quinn #4

Spoiler Alert! A few new images are out now for Harley Quinn #4. We see Harley getting ready to head out into the work force while talking to her beaver. As she heads out she runs into her friend “Big Tony”.

Meet Harley’s new neighbors, and shudder at the horrifying realization that they are so twisted they make her seem like the normal one on the block! 

I did think it was cool seeing Harley applying makeup to cover her skin. It reminded me of the 89 Batman movie where Joker was doing the same thing. And if you’re into detail look at her underwear. She is wearing red undies with a target on it. I wonder who that would be referring too? I’m still enjoying this comic. Both Amand Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti are doing amazing story telling and Chad Hardin has been killing it with his amazing art.  Harley Quinn #4 hits stores  3/19/14.

Source- Uproxx



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