Wonder Woman Down To Three?

by Ryan Shields
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Take this rumor with a grain of salt as always folks, but if I may say so myself this is the most tasty grain of salt I’ve had so far this week.  As you may have heard by now, word on the streets is that Olga Kurylenko (Hitman, Quantum of Solace) has been testing for the role of Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman.  Well tonight, we can add two more names to this list.

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Gal Gadot (above), who you might remember as Han’s love interest from Fast 5 and 6 and Elodie Yung (below) who you recently say play as Jinx from the latest G.I. Joe,  are the newest additions to be in the running.  Okay now.  If this turns out to be true I will be a VERY happy camper for two reasons, those being Olga and Gal.  Olga comes first because of my love for her after seeing two of my favorite guilty pleasures Hitman and QoS and Gal second for my even greater love for her after her entrance and heart aching exit from the Fast and Furious franchise.  Both are extremely beautiful to fit the role, but i think Gal has the upper hand on this one solely because I think she’s more capable of playing that and a badass female without making it look cheesy and with a little more finesse.


 Elodie I have not seen as much so my judgement for her has been put on hold.  What makes me even more happy about this is that they are not going for just another caucasian actress, which I’m sure they would catch some heat for if they did.  Diversity is in these days, and what better way to bring a modern Wonder Woman, an icon for all women, than one with a bit of color to her.  Not that anyone doesn’t have color, I just mean someone that could realistically look like they came from an island of Victorias Secret looking supermodels who happen to be uber strong Amazonians.


Source: Variety

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