Rumor: Nightwing in Batman Vs. Superman?


Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine Nightwing would get to be in a live action film. The closest I ever got to it was the Joel Schumacher Batman films with Dick Grayson as Robin. So imagine my shock and awe at hearing the latest down the grapevine that the Man Wonder might be showing up in the newest film. Now take it with a grain of salt, but from sources say that Dick will be showing up in the film, and they refer to him as ‘Nightwing’. Which means that Batman would have been around long enough for his own sidekick to have come and gone, and grown into his own man. Another part of the rumor is that Dick and Bruce haven’t spoken in years,  something that has happened in the comics when the two had a falling out when Dick struck out on his own. The only thing to collaborate this is that a young John Hawkes like actor, and a stunt actor with martial arts experience. Of course this could all be nothing, and I stress the fact that this is a rumor. That said, let’s hope it’s legit because I am a huge Nightwing fan.

Source: via Latino Review