PREVIEWS: Batwoman #24 J.H. Williams’s Final Issue

by Brendon Carlson
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If you have been watching the internet, the buzz is still active about the supposed reasons why J.H. Williams and his team left Batwoman.  Dan Didio himself was questioned again this weekend @ NYCC about the whole heroes in relationships item, and Didio is still making it clear that he doesn’t feel that heroes should be married which JH Williams had set up the marriage of Maggie Sawyer and Kate Kane.  It is confirmed this issue is their last issue, and that their story will not reach a conclusion as next month is a Zero Year tie-in.  Besides that, another ironic DC twist in this preview is the catch phrase they said would stick in the New 52.  “Dead is dead” has been disproven already, and with the Batman vs Bane battle, the comments of “final battle” appears that it does not hold true in the New 52/DCnU.  Back in Batman: The Dark Knight #7, the cover read “in the final battle with Bane”, and the title of the issue was “The Final Curtain“.  Obviously when Bane went over the cliff, it was safe to assume he was going to return which he has in Talon and now in Forever Evil: Arkham War, however the concept of “final battle” was confusing with the rivalry of Batman and BaneBatman seems different in the preview using a toxin vs Bane for the first time in their 2 battles in the DCnU, and their many battles before the New 52.  What does this issue hold in store for Batwoman and her team?  We know this arc was going to continue past issue #24, so how with the recent team change will this issue end?  Also with the reveals this weekend at NYCC, does this issue start the establishing of Batwoman as a true member of the Batman Family with her appearance on the cover of next year’s Batman Eternal as well as Detective Comics #27?


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