George Clooney Jokes about the BatNipples, Says that He Wasn’t Aware of the Nipples

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While on the red carpet for his newest flick, George Clooney spoke with MTV and cracked jokes about the Batsuit that he famously sported in Batman & Robin.

Maybe it was because I was 8 years old at the time of Batman & Robin‘s release, but I honestly didn’t hate it. Even now as an adult who can recognize the fatal flaws in that movie, I still don’t have as much vitriol towards it as other people. It was a fun movie and we got possibly the silliest performance out of Ah-nold Governator that will forever live on in memes parodying his terrible, but somehow hysterical, puns. To be honest, though I found the BatNipples slightly jarring for my 8-year-old mind, I wasn’t quite perturbed by it. But clearly I’m in the minority when the film’s star can’t support such an egregious move.

While George Clooney walked the red carpet for the New York premiere of his newest flick, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, MTV caught up with him. It seems the first question had little purpose aside from eliciting a chuckle of two, but Clooney, the witty guy that he is, took it and ran with it.

Check out the video below:

The reporter asked which was worse “space suit or Batsuit?” (For those unsure of Gravity‘s premise, Clooney plays alongside Sandra Bullock as two astronauts drifting away in space following the destruction of their space shuttle.) Before the MTV reporter could even finish the question, Clooney quickly answered with the Batsuit, claiming that though the spacesuit was uncomfortable to him, the Batsuit seemed to be “uncomfortable for all of the world.”

The MTV reporter did steer away from Batman & Robin, however Clooney wasn’t quite done ripping into it. As the video draws to a close, the reporter asks about what would be an actor’s worst nightmare, Clooney brought it right back up again. This is where he lays down something seemingly shocking. Accordingly, Clooney didn’t even know that the nipples were on the suit until he viewed the movie. Stunned, the reporter verifies, to which Clooney simply explained that he couldn’t bend to see the nipples.


Though I love his sense of humor about the whole thing, as he genuinely made me laugh a few times, I can only wonder if he knew it would be that bad while he was filming it? At the same time, it’s a wonder if he even saw the suit prior to putting it on to shoot? Couldn’t he have seen the nipples on Chris O’Donnell’s suit?

Source – MTV

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