UPDATED This Just In: Batgirl Begins in Arkham Origins?

by Carlos Cabaleiro

Updated: In the second part of a video interview with Batman: Arkham Origins game director Eric Holmes, we are introduced to Barbara Gordon at the tail end of the live gameplay (6:48) of the GCPD infiltration mission. In the video we witness Barbara having an argument with her father, Capt. James Gordon about the Batman. The seeds are definitely being planted. Whether we see her as Batgirl in the game is up in the air.

Breaking News:
Images of in-game footage of Babara Gordon (aka Batgirl) have surfaced this morning. While there is no official word from anyone at WB Games or WB Montreal, this is legit. We will stay on top of this and other Batman: Arkham Origins news as it happens.

Here are some more Arkham Origins images down below.



Source: Go Nintendo

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