Meanwhile…Secret Society #1

by Carlos Cabaleiro

SPOILER WARNINGS A lot of really cool moments happen weekly in comics. Given the number of titles related to the Dark Knight, it’s kinda hard to follow them all. Every week I’ll recap what I consider the coolest, most memorable moment in the DC Bat-Universe. With that said, please know that these articles will contain SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.

Villains Month, the month-long DC event that came about after the events of Forever Evil #1, had as many hits as misses (for our take on the event check out our podcast here). 52 issues of villain-centric issues were released in September. Bat-fans didn’t get it any easier. Thanks to the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery being the most recognizable and memorable in comics (with Spider-Man’s baddies a close second), we got a grand total of 16 Bat-Villain comics. That’s not counting the Justice League related books, Batman/Superman, and fringe Bat-Villains like Deadshot.
That’s a lot to read and pretty pricey to get all of them. Luckily for you, I read them ALL. There were some great moments in the Penguin, Riddler and Man-Bat issues but the Meanwhile selected moment actually came in Justice League #23.4, The Secret Society.
In what I consider the most important tie-in to Forever Evil, in this issue we get a glimpse into Owlman’s life on Earth 3 as narrated by the Outsider, Alfred Pennyworth. The issue, written by Geoff Johns and Sterling Gates with art by Szymon Kudranski gives us The Outsider’s origin, menacing red skies that mark the end of Earth 3, the Joker and why Dick Grayson is so important to Owlman. There are lots of great WTF reveals and teases in this issue showing how different this Gotham is to ours (ex. Thompkin’s brothels). One moment truly stood out to me.
Secret Society pg 8
Yup, Earth 3’s Joker killed Dick Grayson and delivered the body to Thomas Wayne (Owlman) in individually wrapped presents.
The Outsider’s narration on the last three pages lets us in on why Nightwing is still alive and why he’s important to Owlman. Considering the events of the issue, this introduces a weakness in the Crime Syndicate that may be exploited. The last page, which leads directly to this weeks Forever Evil #2, means our world’s Dick Grayson has not only the Syndicate to worry about. The Outsider is just as dangerous to the former boy wonder’s future.
Secret Society pg 21
What happens this week? Does the sentimentally of Owlman give Nightwing and our heroes a chance?
Sound off, if your top moment from last weeks Bat-comics is another one, disagree with my choice or just want to discuss the issue post your comments below or join us on Facebook or Twitter and speak your mind.

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