Could Batman vs Superman Become A Trinity?

by Ryan Shields
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Do you know what I love more of these days?  It’s news that doesn’t have masses of raging nerds coming to the conclusion that its because of what Marvel is doing.  DC may have something up its sleeve yet but as optimistic as I am with some things, take what I’m about to say next with a grain of salt.


Bleeding Cool may have stumbled upon some juicy information as they are reporting that an casting call for the mostly confirmed title of Batman vs Superman, is asking for a woman in the age rang of 25-33.  So basically a somewhat middle aged woman who is most defiantly physically fit.  Apparently that last part was well defined as a strong point or area of interest.  Sources for this rumor can neither confirm or deny this is indeed for Wonder Woman, this is popular belief.  When officials were pressed for comment they couldn’t confirmation it, but they didn’t deny it BC ended with.  And that is when that taste of salt kicks in.  Not confirming could be a way of denying if I may play devils advocate for a second.  As in we can not confirm that at this time we are planning to use Wonder Woman for the Batman vs Superman film, which brings me to my next point: Wonder Woman needs her own film if this is truly a sequel to Man of Steel with Batman as just supporting and if DC wants to stay true to their words about getting a Wonder Woman movie right.  But if the plans have changed, which we have seen plenty of and this brings me to my last point and this is me just being crazy for nothing but this might not be a Man of Steel sequel and in essence a Trinity film instead.


Speaking of which, does anyone remember that awesome animated film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse?  Hmm.  Didn’t that also have Supergirl in it, who is coincidentally missing from her stasis capsule in MOS?  And doesn’t it feature Darkseid, who was rumored to be the main baddie in the planned Justice League movie that follows BvS?  Full circle people, full circle.  And what’s that old saying about things being better in threes?  Oops, my optimism is showing again.

Soruce: Bleeding Cool



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