Detective Comics #23.4 Preview

by AdamPrince
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Spoiler Alert! In the next issue of Detective Comics #23.4: Man-Bat #1 we see Dr. Kirk Langstrom ( Man-Bat ) narrating before his has a show down with his wife Francine ( Woman-Bat ) that was using him for her own personal gain.

Dr. Langstrom has given in to the Man-Bat side of his personality. Left unchecked in a world without heroes, he brutally stalks his prey in Gotham City!

If Langstrom won’t stop himself . . . who will?

Ever since the New 52 began I have slowly started to get into the mind set of forgetting anything and everything I know about the continuity of almost every character. I don’t really mind the new dynamic between  Kirk Langstrom and his wife Francine. After this I wonder where they will stand in there rocky relationship. Detective Comics #23.4: Man-Bat #1 is written by Frank Tieri, artist Scot Eaton, and cover art by Jason Fabok will hit stores 9/25/13.

Source- Crave Online

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