Rumor: Zack Snyder Says He Has to Comply with Warner Bros. for Batman/Superman Movie

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Zack Snyder is saying that he must go along with WB’s direction for Batman/Superman movie. Click the jump to see more.

Though, I personally loved the tease of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns at the Man of Steel 2 Comic-Con announcement, it seems that many Superman fans were a little less than enthused. I’ve never been a huge Supes fan, so I never thought that a Superman story could suffer from the inclusion of Bats, but reading through some stuff, it’s clear that fans of the big blue boy scout are not interested in seeing their favorite superhero beaten to a pulp by a mere mortal nor are they interested in seeing their beacon of hope crushed by the gritty, dystopian tone of The Dark Knight Returns. Seeing this flipped from the other side is certainly interesting. From a Batfan perspective, I love any story that shows that the Bats can stand up to a god and even beat him, but as a Supes fan, I never thought about how infuriating and humiliating it is see your godlike character beaten by someone without powers.

The rumor mill has been churning and manufacturing a lot of things. One such rumor has the Man of Steel sequel being officially titled Batman vs. Superman, which did nothing but infuriate me. It’s hard being a Batfan nowadays when the hype surrounding him breeds so much hate, and then for WB to sharply divide the comic book fans even further by making them face-off in what was supposed to be a standalone Superman sequel will just create more hate for a character that doesn’t deserve it. A few days ago, it was discovered that Frank Miller himself was going to meet and discuss with Zack Snyder over Batman vs. Superman. Yesterday, evidence surfaced that further corroborated the fact that TDKR will be having an impact on the script, as sources started spilling on how WB wants to replicate the tone of the relationship between the Bats and Supes from TDKR, which just feels like the wrong move. I’m still hoping that these sources are just misleading the media.

It’s gotta be disappointing for any Superman fan to hear that a Superman movie sequel could be strongly influenced by a book that almost devalues him. One such fan caught up with Zack Snyder and raised his concerns over the movie, to which Zack replied:

“It’s too early for me to discuss the film. However, regardless of how I feel about Superman, ultimately I have to go along with the direction that Warner Bros. thinks is best.”

zacksnyderBefore I veer off into my thoughts surrounding the quote, let me preface it with the fact that this has NOT been confirmed at all. The source for which this quote came from is not entirely reliable, thereby I’d take this with a cauldron  of salt.

This isn’t good news. From what I can gather from this vague quote is that he’s also a Supes fan and may not entirely agree with the influence of TDKR, but simply must comply to the big-wigs at WB. So we may be getting a movie co-written and directed by a man who may not like the direction for which he’s being forced. It doesn’t bode well for the movie if the director and co-writer doesn’t have his heart in it. Though, I would love to see a live-action movie that puts Superman and Batman together, I’d rather not see it done like this. Not in a way where Superman doesn’t get the sequel he deserves. Not in a way where WB creates more unjustified hate for Batman.


But as a I said, Snyder may not have actually said this, so no need to jump to conclusions. He may in fact love the direction, but simply said that to get the fan off his back or rather to say that it’s out of his hands. You know, passing the buck.

However, I’m still not particularly happy with the direction that WB is going by creating such a sharp division among fans.

What do you think? How do you feel about Snyder complying with WB’s direction? Let me know..

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