Beware The Batman Creators Discuss Their Version Of The Dark Knight

by Michael Spiteri
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Those involved in the creation of Beware the Batman (Producers and Actors) joined at SDCC to discuss their new version of the Dark Knight.

Voice actors Anthony Ruivivar (Batman) and J.B. Blanc (Alfred), along with producers Glen Murakami and Mitch Watson,talked about the new show. They began with their version of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

“He’s not the jaded, indestructible, gruff Batman later on,” said Ruivivar. “He’s figuring out where he belongs and his own history. He’s got a razor-sharp mind. His relationship with Alfred ventures into new territory as well since Alfred has history as a member of MI-6.” J.B. Blanc added, “The truth about Alfred is yeah, he’s different, but the relationship between him and Bruce is very fundamentally true to the franchise.”

Conversation moved towards the new villains and how this particular animated feature preferred to use more obscure characters instead of the most popular in Batman’s rogues gallery.

Watson said, “We have particular story lines we wanted to tell with Batman, with Alfred, with Katana and soon with Barbara Gordon – we wanted to find villains that would highlight whatever was going on in with characters in the episode.”

Watson and Murakami dug deep through the iconic character’s extensive rogues gallery to choose villains that would fit this particular show. Interestingly, Murakami said that developing these more obscure villains would shed new light on how Batman is portrayed.

However, Watson concluded that a familiar villain will be introduced in the second half of the season and the voice actor is actually fairly well known. All he could disclose was that the new villain has the letter “d” in his name (also indirectly suggesting that it’s a male villain). In casting news, Adam Baldwin will be appearing as Metamorpho, and Sapphire Stagg will be entering the series as voiced by Emmanuelle Chriqui.

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