Grant Morrison Bows Out

by Michael Spiteri
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Writer Grant Morrison, 53, decided he will leave the Batman character to be further developed by other writers after the final issue of Batman, Incorporated is released next month.

“The seven years has exhausted everything I ever had to say about the character,” Morrison told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Morrison claimed that his take on Batman has been inspired from the very vast repertoire the character has been depicted in over the history. From Bill Finger to the 60’s William Dozier/ Adam West show to Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

“Batman seems to be endlessly pliable and malleable in that he can assume all kinds of guises from the comedy pop-up Batman of the 1960s to the very militaristic, realistic, trending Batman of Christopher Nolan,” Morrison said.

In the latest depiction, Morrison further developed a Robin character, who was originally featured as an unnamed infant in Son Of The Demon (1987). Damian Wayne was the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the mastermind criminal Ra’s-al-Ghul. This particular Robin was brought up by the League of Assassins and later he found out that his real father was Bruce Wayne/Batman. After a brief stint (compared to other characters such as Dick Grayson), Damian was killed off by the Heretic (an adult clone version of Damian). Damian died saving the world, a true hero.

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“The story was always going to be about this little kid’s journey from being trained by assassins and raised by an evil cabal of people finding out that he is the son of Batman and trying to live up to that legacy,” he said. “The story for that character was always that he would die in the end.”

Check out the full article at Chicago Tribune, where Morrison talks about other characters and the fixation on the end of the world.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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