Nightwing Might Have A Future After All

by Andrew Lococo
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dt.common.streams.StreamServerNightwing is going to get smacked around during Villain’s month and everyone, myself included, has been dreading the worst. Is the Man Wonder gonna bite the big one? Well, Kyle Higgins, writer for Nightwing, has decided to abate our fears. Whatever happens to Nightwing in during villain’s month isn’t going to be a death. Probably. Higgins didn’t outright confirm Dick Grayson surviving or not, but he did confirm that Nightwing will still be around in October.

There’s an issue in September [for Villains Month] — Nightwing doesn’t have a book that month, but we’re back after September. We’re back with October. Actually, the finale of the first arc in Chicago with the Prankster and Tony Zucco, that culminates in October with issue #24. We’re still around, we’re doing our thing.

Speaking of the future for Nightwing, what does that mean about his Chicago trip? Will he be there for a while more or is this just a temporary setting for the arc? Higgins begins to address this a little bit. His choice of Chicago was due to the visual aspect of knowing the city, as the problem with fictitious cities is that you don’t always know the layout, and how to place things. That’s why Gates of Gotham had a map in it, which he and Scott Snyder wrote right before the Nu52.

It’s not anything that I’m actively playing up or playing towards, but I think any time you know a location really well and you know its ins and outs, that comes out in the writing without you having to play it up. Gotham, Bludhaven, Metropolis — these are cities that aren’t real. They’ve always been tough for me because, I want to set this scene somewhere. Where can I set it? Do I pick someplace that’s been in previous comics, but everyone’s building their own areas of Gotham. With “Gates of Gotham,” we had a map and so I got to get inside the city and the different neighborhoods and the areas of town. That helped me a lot as a writer and building set placement and that kind of thing — but that’s unique to a place like Gotham. I don’t know if there’s a map to Coast City or Central City. Setting it in a place like Chicago, and the fact that I know it well — I think it does, I think it helps me ground it.

So what do you think is going to happen to Dick? If he’s not dying, then what else could they do to ruin his life that’s already pretty much in shambles at this point? How much lower can you take the guy? Maybe it isn’t about taking him down at all, but bringing him back up from the bottom.

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