Damian Wayne Returns in Damian: Son of Batman in October

by Brendon Carlson
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From the moment of his death in Batman Inc #8, there have been rumors and thoughts that Damian Wayne might still be alive.  News came out today that Damian is returning, however not in the way some may have thought.  Andy Kubert is going to write Damian: Son of Batman, a four issue mini-series starting October 30, 2013 that shows a potential future of Damian Wayne assuming the mantle of the Batman.  Andy Kubert is familiar with Damian Wayne being Batman with his work on Batman #666: Batman in Bethlehem.  The announcement of the mini-series sounds like we will get to see more of Damian Wayne as Batman from Batman #666.

DC Comics is billing this one as “a possible future that may never be.” Whether Damian will return for good at some point isn’t clear but, hey, this is comics!

“I had a big affinity for Damian when I drew Batman issue #666 (in 2007),” Kubert told Parallel Worlds. “I really liked that Batman and always wanted to revisit him. Damian is a bit different than the ‘Bruce Wayne’ Batman. Grant Morrison tweaked his character in a way that made it very endearing for me to draw. And to write.

“Basically, what I’m doing is exploring the path that Damian has taken to become Batman. I think readers will see him in a different light than before,” he added.



Will we get more of what happens to the Batman Family including Barbara Gordon?  What are your thoughts of this return?

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Source:  NY Post

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