WB to Release Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition in October

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WB plans to compile both parts of  Batman: The Dark Knight Returns for a deluxe edition.

Ashamedly, it took me some time to get through Frank Miller’s groundbreaking epic, The Dark Knight Returns. As a novice comic book reader, I had trouble with the artwork being relatively unconventional (Please don’t hurt me. I can’t help it, his art just doesn’t appeal to me.). The first time I tried, I was reading it on-and-off in college, but it never quite hooked me. I wouldn’t blame the book, I’d blame myself for not reading it in one sitting to grasp the brilliance. Plus, I stopped short of the second half of the book, where the good stuff goes down. Honestly, as great as the mutants stuff is, for me, it was all just set up for the most thrilling stuff to come in the second half.

As a massive fan of DC’s direct-to-DVD animated line, I nearly flipped when I heard they were adapting The Dark Knight Returns. Splitting it into two parts wasn’t the most ideal situation, but it didn’t bother me as much as most folks. It was successfully done with Harry Potter, so I had faith. For another, it gave me time to catch up in the book for preparation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite sold on Part 1, mostly because it was difficult for me to accept that lack of internal monologue. I love hearing Batman’s thoughts and I love Frank Miller writing his thoughts. I acknowledge the merit in Part 1 and understand that for what it was, it was fantastic. Hell, it even inspired my friend to jump back into Arkham City and play in the Dark Knight Returns skin for four hours straight.

But for me, it wasn’t until Part 2 where I officially freaked out. It was everything I wanted and more. I readily accepted the lack of internal monologue after seeing how skillfully they wove it into the dialogue, and without that hindrance I watched wide-eyed and in awe as they translated it onto the screen. They made sure that everything that we loved from the comic was there and then they did the unspeakable, they elevated it and made it that much more powerful to watch. It was done with such reverence and adherence to that universe, that it was easy to digest and celebrate thereafter. And when I celebrate, I actually mean celebrate. My friends and I held a Batman Celebration one night, filled with Batman-themed food and Batman-oriented activities, eventually topping the night off with a screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. This flick currently stands as my favorite Batman movie ever.

Being that it was released in two parts, it was obvious that we’d be getting some sort of collector’s edition in the near future. So despite the fact that I was practically frothing at the mouth to grab them for my collection, I delayed my gratification and held out. Well, patience is indeed a virtue as it was announced yesterday that WB is compiling the two parts for a deluxe edition to be released later this year.

So far this edition will include:

  • New 70-minute Frank Miller Documentary (Deluxe Edition Exclusive)
  • New Cast and Crew Commentary (DE Exclusive)
  • 4 Collector Cards (BD DE Exclusive)
  • All Previous Part 1 and Part 2 Special Features

So far, pre-order for the Blu-ray edition is priced at $20.99, while the DVD version is $17.49. Considering these prices aren’t too bad for such a wonderful piece, I’d suggest pre-ordering soon.


The Deluxe Edition is due for release on October 8th 2013. You can pre-order the Blu-ray edition here and the DVD edition here.

Did you like their adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns? Will you be picking things up? Let me know.

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