Zack Snyder on Comparisons Between Man of Steel and Dark Knight

by Christopher Swedorske
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It’s almost a natural thing, especially for fans, to compare what we have seen so far from the Man of Steel trailers and spots that it does have some similarities to the Dark Knight trilogy. With both their gritty and realistic tones, they do feel like the same universe. Zack Snyder had recently spoken out on how he thinks the films are similar:

“Only in that it’s a modern way of looking at the characters. Everyone’s used to Superman in a way. Maybe in your mind you say, ‘I know exactly what Superman is.’ We were able to say [with ‘Man of Steel’], ‘What about this way of looking at him?’ We tried to make him more modern, but it’s hard to talk about him that way, in those terms. Everyone asks: ‘Oh, did you make him more modern?’ But what does that mean? We just tried to make him cool.”

Also, Snyder was asked in the same interview about whether a Batman/Superman film (World’s Finest) was in the works:

“I haven’t heard that but that sounds awesome. [Laughter.] That’s literally how rumors get started. No, I did not know that.”

I suppose we will just have to wait longer for a World’s Finest film. However, with Man of Steel right around the corner and Justice League being confirmed for 2015, what future projects would you like to see in the upcoming DC cinematic universe? Let us know in the comments!

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SOURCE: Screenrant

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