Justice League: War next film in DC Animated feature lineup?

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If there’s one DC animated feature I can’t wait for, it’s Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It is due to release July 30, 2013, a mere two months away from today. And as luck should have it, an image surfaced online of the suspected back cover of the Blu-Ray release, detailing not only the contents of this film, but…a SNEAK PEEK into ANOTHER DC animated feature?

While neither DC nor Warner Premier have confirmed it, this back cover hints toward a future title in the DC Animated Universe: Justice League: War.




World’s Finest Online, who broke the story, made it a point to remind everyone that this may not be the final title for the film, as DC haven’t even officially announced it yet, but with San Diego Comic Con just days ahead (July 18-21) of the release of Flashpoint Paradox, it’s possible that we may see or hear about the next film in the lineup. A couple weeks back, we posted about an interview with DC writer and chief creative officer Geoff Johns from Collider. In that interview, he says:

There is a really cool one in development right now, that’s not necessarily…it’s very different from anything they’ve done before.”

Every direct-to-video feature Warner Premier has put out has contained a sneak peek at the next film in the lineup. This may very well be the one that Johns talked about in his interview.

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Sources: World’s Finest Online, Collider

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