Community Spotlight: Long Halloween Fan Tattoo

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Batman: The Long Halloween is indubitably one of the most recognized Dark Knight graphic novels; even if you haven’t read it, you have most likely heard or seen the title uttered or written somewhere before.  Considering this and the worldwide popularity of Batman, one should not be surprised that someone would go so far as to permanently mark his or her body with Batman imagery — specifically,  a tattoo of Batman as drawn by Tim Sale for The Long Halloween, which was originally published by DC as a monthly issue series between 1996 and 1997 before being repackaged as a graphic novel.  Recently, a Bat-appreciator named Julian has shared his Long Halloween tattoo with Comic Book Resources.  The tattoo is clearly well-done, and deserves to be shared.  Below, you can compare the tattoo to its source material.

Julian's tattoo

Julian’s tattoo

Batman, as portrayed in the Long Halloween

Batman, as portrayed in The Long Halloween

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Source: Comic Book Resources


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