Batman: Bad Words for the Bat?

When you think of Batman, what words come to mind?  Perhaps hero, villain, death, family, and even cape ring bells.  What about jokes that refer to genitalia and intercourse?  Perhaps you prefer not to ponder on procreative anatomical parts when considering Batman, or perhaps you do.  Nevertheless, such anatomical associations even extend to the Bat-comic universe, where writer Chris Burnham has penned Batman, Inc. #11 with what many would perceive as profanity.

Clever wordplay afoot, or dirty potty mouth?  Perhaps both?
Clever wordplay afoot, or dirty potty mouth? Perhaps both?

Comedic references to penis size, vaginal space, and synthetic breast sizes are among the topics briefly grazed over. What do you think? Is there no room in the Batman universe for such profanity, or is it not that big of a deal?  If there is room, what is the limit or extent to which the profanity can extend to? Conceivably, Batman is a globally recognized and respected fictional character. Perhaps numerous interpretations of his character may allow for an ever-widening audience to be reached.

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