Starling no longer on Birds of Prey

When the New 52 first started, DC talked about having select characters and that they were going to “develop the characters”.  One of the characters introduced to the DCnU in September 2011 was in the Birds of Prey named Starling.  Starling basically took over for the Pre-Flashpoint Oracle feel to the Black Canary team-up.  The original team of the Birds of Prey #1 was Poison Ivy, Starling, Black Canary, and Katana.  21 issues later counting Birds of Prey #0, only Black Canary remains now from the original team from issue #1 with Katana has left the team, joined JLA, and has her own title,  Poison Ivy left the team, and now Starling is confirmed out of Birds of Prey in a recent interview for the foreseeable future:

Starling has a lot of fans from Duane’s run on the book. Right now things don’t look good for Starling fans – can you give any hints about what’s going on?

I don’t want to give away too much, but Starling will prove to have an unexpected history with Mr. Freeze that will lead to a significant change for her character. A totally badass change, I assure you.

So is this the last of Starling? 

I have some long-range plans for her to return, though not any time soon and not as part of the team. We’ll see how it goes.


The hints so far does not appear Starling will be stuck in limbo, however where she turns up now is anyone’s guess.  She has been hinted in Suicide Squad, so at this point, that is one of the few places she may reappear.



So what do you think of the Starling character?  Where do you hope she turns up next (Suicide Squad, Justice League of America, somewhere else, or stay in limbo)?

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Source: DC Women Kicking Ass