PREVIEWS: The Dark Knight Annual #1 Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Penned by Gregg Hurwitz and penciled by Szymon Kudranski, this year’s Dark Knight Annual features three of Batman’s most dangerous villains teaming up against him. Issue #1 of this Annual will be out May 29.

In an abandoned asylum, three of the Dark Knight’s deadliest foes, Mad Hatter, the Penguin, and Scarecrow are each fooled into a rendezvous. Their respective notes claim to be signed by the other villain, i.e. Mad Hatter receives a note from the Penguin, and vice versa. In the darkness of the foreboding structure, the criminals begin to experience flashes of some of the unspeakable things that occurred in there. The building is so haunting that it even made these brutes quiver in fear… except the Scarecrow. Scarecrow seemed to be having fun. Overall, these preview pages capture a very subtle creepiness that made my hair stand on end. It had me waiting with bated breath to see what happened next.


So here’s the obvious question… who do you think invited these three baddies to this party? Do you think this is a brand new villain who has a grudge on the Bats? And is this just another ingenious scheme concocted from another dangerous foe  in Batman’s rogues gallery? I’m pretty curious about Scarecrow’s note. It’s different from the other two, as it’s signed by both Penguin and the Mad Hatter and doesn’t have that Jack O’Lantern that appears on  Penguin’s and Hatter’s notes. I might be reading too much into it, but I honestly think there’s more to that note than Hurwitz and Kudranski want us to believe. I’m going to be suspicious of the Scarecrow for the time being. We’ll see on May 29.

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